Jeffrey Ginn in one of his many Forced Perspective Sets

Merging the magical with the practical

I bring a diverse and extensive multi-disciplinary design background that provides a unique set of tools to the design process. My approach empowers clients to explore original, bold and compelling ideas designed to exceed project expectations that captivate and embrace the end user.



In Albert Einstein’s words, “Imagination is more important than knowledge”. I spend every moment of thought living to achieve this philosophy and bring it to a new level by seeking innovative solutions with every stroke of the pen or mouse. A picture is worth a thousand words as Arthur Brisbane wrote in 1911, and I communicate vision by combining two widely different approaches to design and the art of visualization. By integrating traditional design and sketching techniques with the power of BIM; Building Information Modeling software enables a unique approach to design that ensures final approved concepts can actually be constructed.

The technique

I love to charrette projects in the early stages or as needed to find problems and work out potential solutions. Anyone who has worked with me would agree it's a much desired resource for real time project exploration to help determine program requirements and project goals. The approved direction is then scanned into Photoshop Layers enabling me to add minor revisions as required without redrawing. From there, the images are imported into Revit which becomes the template for building the model. Multiple camera views are placed and images are printed for sketching over further details. These are then combined in the master Photoshop file for coloration and further detailing. The results are highly accurate depictions of the project days and weeks ahead of schedule.


The work

I have provided my strengths as Conceptual Designer, Planner, Project Designer and Project Manager to over fifteen million square feet of residential, retail, restaurant, hospitality and entertainment projects built in five countries. Repeat client list has included Trammell Crow, Sembler, Crosland, Target and Hard Rock Cafe International among others.


The big picture

In addition to my architecture and planning experience, I am an accomplished filmmaker having provided the visionary canvas for the stories told on the big screen. To date, I have completed over sixty productions ranging in time from the 1800’s to the exploration of space for most of the largest Studios in Hollywood including Disney, MGM, Universal, United Artists, Spyglass, Paramount, Orion, 20th Century Fox and Lucas Film amoung others.

My practical hands on knowledge of the day to day operation of Motion Picture, Television and Broadcast Production Facilities for each production type provides a unique perspective when planning live action studio complexes which to date include two of the largest facilities on this side of the world; the Screen Gems Studio in North Carolina, now the largest in North America outside of Los Angeles and the 3500 acre Bahamas Film Studio on Grand Bahama Island. My original design concepts for one of the world’s largest filming tanks enabled the Bahamas studio to provide a successful shooting environment for Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean sequels two and three.


Inspire to build desire

I lecture regularly at Universities, Colleges and Technical Schools. Why? Because future exploreres of original thought are searching to be inspired by someone who knows the drill to help them achieve their dreams at a more rapid pace. But it's that disenfrachised man that I see every day in the park that drives me to help people. Everyone deserves a chance.


Do what doesn't make sense

Yes, you can re-use what you've designed that was successful but is that expanding your knowledge base? Why not instead pay omage to your past original successful efforts by tossing them out and creating a shockingly original idea that builds on what you've learned?



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